Regular cleaning of offices and business premises

The cleaning of the office and the regular care of our workplace is not only about the required hygiene but it directly affects both the performance and the image we create for our customers and partners.

Regular cleaning of offices and business premises for businesses of all sizes and types. throughout the Attica district

For regular cleaning of your business premises, the attiC Cleaning Company has either individual cleaners or multi-purpose cleaning workshops according to your requirements, needs and timelines.

The combination of our experienced and fully-tested and reliable staff, using the right detergents, cleaners and machines and always with the most economical market prices, ensures complete customer satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

Contact us directly and ask for our offer to clean your business. After a visit to your premises, we will discuss with you the cleaning needs of your premises, the time available for cleanliness, and we will propose the best cleaning solution that combines excellent cleaning quality and natural economy.

We provide professional business cleaning, contract cleaning, and commercial cleaning services to companies all over attica district

We are sure that our offer for the regular cleaning of your spaces will pleasantly surprise you.

We undertake regular cleaning – care – maintenance of cleaning in every professional space: offices, gyms, schools, tutorials, shops, warehouses, etc

Regular cleaning of offices and business premises on time and at the price you need

Do you want to ensure a healthy and clean working environment for you and your employees? Tell us the issue of cleaning your business and you focus on your important work that is the operation of your business.

Get rid of employers’ contributions, gifts but mainly by looking for the right cleaners and assign the cleaning you require to a reputable cleaning company with long experience, complete expertise and modern cleaning equipment.

We undertake to clean for you exactly what you want to clean.

There are no predefined directions since each client is different and we understand his particular requirements and needs. Tell us what you want to clean up and that’s what you will pay.

We clean everything for you, across Attica and at surprising prices!

Indicatively, we mention below the program for cleaning the business premises, which of course is modified according to the particularities of each space.


  • Removal of waste from the waste baskets and replacement of the bag.

  • Empty – washing ashtrays.

  • Cleaning with wettex and special cleaning fluid of office, etc horizontal surfaces.

  • Cleaning of telephone and electronic devices.

  • Dismantling of office and decorative items.

  • Local cleaning of fingerprints on handles, doors, switches, etc.

  • Carpet cleaning using a vacuum cleaner, where available.

  • Dismantling archive libraries, etc.

  • Wiping and mopping floors with the appropriate preservatives and cleaning agents.

  • Dismantling archive libraries, etc.


  • Washing of glasses, coffee tables etc and arranging them.

  • Bench cleaning.

  • Empty empty baskets and bag replacement.

  • Wiping and floor mopping.

Toilet areas

  • Particularly thorough cleaning of toilets with detergents – disinfectants.

  • Washing the dish with disinfectant liquid.

  • Washing the tiles around the washbasins.

  • Changing the bag in the baskets of waste.

  • Mirror cleaning.

  • Wiping and mopping floor with disinfectant liquid.

Periodic cleaning

Once a week

  • Cleaning the refrigerator, coffee maker e.t.c.

  • Washing all the tiles in the toilet area.

  • Local wall cleaning and fingerprint removal.

  • Cleaning-washing of balconies.

Once in a month

  • Cleaning of lights and blinds.

  • Cleaning of interior and exterior glazing and aluminum.

  • High Point Dusting.

  • Cleaning air condition (external surfaces).

  • Balcony railing cleaning

  • Washing of waste bins.

Twice a year

  • Floor polishing with non-slip parquet and the appropriate machinery

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and give you our offer at our phone numbers 2105143981-2105143559 or send us an e-mail to

Maintenance and regular cleaning of offices and business premises by the cleaning professionals of attic.