Cleaning of the communal areas of your building as it should be and at the asking price!

Cleaning of apartment buildings, buildings and communal areas requires commonality, organization and know-how. The Department of Building  Cleaning Services provides cleaning services for multi-dwelling buildings and buildings of all sizes. With cleaning programs tailored to the needs of each apartment building and with its experienced and fully equipped cleaning staff, it serves, economically and safely, all over  Attica district.

To clean the common areas of your apartment building, Atticlean has set up a specialized and fully organized department  to ensure the seamless hygiene and cleanliness of the communal areas of your apartment building.

Our  cleaning crews stand out for their friendly attitude and courtesy for their experience and professional service while their flexibility and organization can satisfy your cleaning needs of your apartment building whenever and as you wish .

We put in your service two or three-member mobile building cleaning crews, consisting of certified, courteous, permanent and trusted cleaners, fully equipped  with branded detergents and preservatives.

Our  cleaning crews visit your apartment at the pre-agreed frequency and always show interest and attention to the cleaning needs and the care of your apartment building.

By emphasizing compliance with customer agreements, the quality of our materials and the control of our staff, we achieve excellent cleaning and maintenance of the common areas of your apartment building, the full satisfaction of our customers and the long-term cooperation with them.

Hundreds of blocks of flats throughout Attica have trusted attiClean to clean their common areas! You?

The cleaning maintenance of your apartment building can be done as many times a week as you wish and includes the following cleaning tasks:

  • Wiping and mopping up the entire staircase of the apartment building and all the terraces from the basement to the terrace.

  • Cleaning of all the entrance surfaces of the block of flats (Floors, entrance doors, mirrors and glazing, any entrance furniture)

  • Cleaning the rails of the stairwell of the block of flats.

  • Cleaning all surfaces of elevator (lift chamber, floors, mirror, pushbuttons, hoods).

  • Cleaning the basement or exterior garage of apartment building (wiping and / or rubber washing)

  • Cleaning of underground corridors of apartment building.

  • Cleaning of paved apartment building (wiping and washing with rubber and then removing water)

  • Cleaning the apartment building’s pavement (wiping and washing with rubber)

  • Unpacking of apartment buildings (wiping and washing with rubber)

  • Cleaning of engine room – boiler room of apartment building.

  • Cleaning in the boxes of PPC, in the mailboxes and bells of the block of flats.

  • High point control, interior and exterior defects of apartment building.

  • Cleaning on the skirting of the apartment building.

  • Window clearing of the apartment building staircase, indoor and outdoor, monthly.

  • Cleaning of walkways, railways, pushbuttons and switches.

  • Cleaning the rooftop yearly.

  • Cleaning the entrance walls and up to the 1st floor annually.

The cleaning program of the apartment building can be modified on a case-by-case basis , based on the cleaning needs of each building , providing you with the cleaning quality you want.

Cleaning maintenance of common areas of apartment buildings throughout Attica

  • Without binding contracts.

  • With the possibility of posting a show to check the cleaning visits

  • With personal communication for every cleanliness issue that arises in the block of flats.

  • Without any other charge (insurance contributions, exits, gifts, cleaning expenses etc.) and without any problems.

  • Immediate response, without any waiting on the phone.

  • Using the most quality preservatives and detergents .

  • Cleaning services throughout the whole year.

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